Our new website: A brief guide to some not-to-be-missed features

We launched the website you are now viewing on June 9, 2016. We hope you find it an accessible and informative portal to Jodo Shinshu Buddhism and the many temples, schools, and programs connected to the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii.

Front and center on the new website are features you might expect: news, events, messages from Hongwanji leaders, and a directory of temples (our Temple Locator). Drop-down menus provide access to “about us” information such as our history and programs, as well as resources to learn more about Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu.

The website also offers a few features you may not expect, in some cases a little more tucked away. Here is a brief guide to those features.

  • Gatha downloads: The Music Committee is now offering downloads of numerous Buddhist hymns, both translated and original compositions. Take note of this resource for your temple choir or similar use! You can request a password using the form on the Music Committee page.
  • Multimedia Jodo Shinshu service guide: An enhanced, online version of the service guide provided in the pews at Hawaii Betsuin is found on the Learn menu. You might send a link to friends who are curious about what to expect at a Jodo Shinshu service, or read it yourself for review. Don’t miss the embedded video on how to offer incense and the audio clip of the gatha Gratefulness II.
  • Book Store catalog: The website has updated listings of the books, gifts, and more that you will find at the HHMH Book Store. Use the tabs at the top of the catalog page to view the different categories.
  • Dharma Minutes: Hilo Betsuin has produced a number of one-minute dharma messages for radio. Visit Dharma Minutes to listen to them on demand.
  • Social Media connections: In the footer of the new website are boxes that show the latest posts from the HHMH Facebook page and Buddhist Study Center Facebook page. Click the headings to go to (and “like”) those pages. You will also see a YouTube icon at the bottom right — click it to access the new HHMH YouTube channel.
  • Donation options: Our donation page includes many options for donating, including several direct links to donate online to specific programs such as YESS Camp and the Living Treasures Fund. You’ll also find out how to help HHMH when you shop at Amazon.
  • Curious about the banner images? Some have asked about the wide images at the top of the website. Click any of them to go to a page that tells what they are and who the photographer is.

We welcome your feedback on the new website. Please visit Contact Us and use the form to send us an email with any comments, corrections, or suggestions. Thank you!