Here we highlight statewide organizations and programs.

Buddhist Study Center

BSC - lotus logo for Buddhist Study CenterThe Buddhist Study Center provides the environment for student fellowship, religious education, academic resources and events, and ministerial training.

A signature offering is the Dharma Light Program of interactive classes in Buddhist teachings and living.

Music Committee

Amida looking back with musical scoreThe Music Committee provides information and resources to enrich the musical climate of all temples. The committee shares new gathas (Buddhist hymns) composed since the publication of the 1990 edition of Praises of the Buddha, as well as translations of Japanese gathas.

Living Treasures of Hawaii

Living Treasures of Hawaii recognizes and honors individuals who have demonstrated excellence and high achievement in their particular field of endeavor, and through continuous growth, learning, and sharing have made significant contributions toward enriching our society.

Social Concerns

Social Concerns administers donations collected from members and friends of HHMH to aid in disaster relief efforts, lends aid to worthy causes and non-profits, and addresses social issues from a Buddhist perspective.

Buddhist Women’s Associations

Hawaii Buddhist Women's AssociationsThe Hawaii Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations (HFBWA) is one of our largest affiliated organizations and is composed of 29 temple units throughout Hawaii organized into 5 districts. BWA offers programs such as Buddhist education, student exchange with Japan BWA, Dana Day (selfless giving), sister districts, and special services.

Pacific Buddhist Academy

Pacific Buddhist Academy logo (wheel and leaves)Pacific Buddhist Academy is an independent college preparatory Buddhist high school dedicated to nurturing intelligent, self-aware leaders with the courage, skills, and compassion to create a peaceful world.

(Note that there is also a Hongwanji-affiliated K-8 across the Pali Highway, Hongwanji Mission School, overseen by the Hawaii Betsuin temple.)

Programs for Youth

Programs for youth include dharma schools, Jr. Young Buddhist Association (YBA), scouting, cultural study exchanges, conventions, camps, and retreats. See the website for the Hawaii Federation of Junior Young Buddhist Associations.

Peace Day Hawaii

Peace Day Hawaii provides an opportunity to nurture peace in people’s lives and society. In 2007, through the efforts of the Junior YBA, Hawaii became the first State in the nation to officially observe Peace Day.

Local temples host many more organizations and programs. To find a temple near you, use the Temple Locator.