Living Treasure honoree Nola Nahulu, with many lei, and Mitsuyo Saito (photo by Ruth Tokumi)
2013 Living Treasure Nola Nahulu with Mitsuyo Saito. Photo by Ruth Tokumi.

Living Treasures of Hawaii™ recognizes and honors individuals who have demonstrated excellence and high achievement in their particular field of endeavor, and who, through continuous growth, learning, and sharing, have made significant contributions toward enriching our society.

The program was inspired by the Living National Treasures (Ningen Kokuho) of Japan. In 1976, Bishop Yoshiaki Fujitani instituted the program within the Hongwanji at the suggestion of Paul Yamanaka, a local insurance executive. Initially established to honor those involved in the perpetuation of the island’s distinctive cultural and artistic heritage, the recognition has been expanded to include contributions by individuals in all areas of endeavor.

2022 Program Notice

Living Treasures of Hawai’i™ to air special TV program in 2022 in lieu of traditional luncheon

The Living Treasures of Hawai’i™ traditionally features a celebratory luncheon with honorees. However, due to COVID safety concerns, honorees will be recognized in a program that will be broadcast on:

Living Treasures of Hawaii 2022 honorees

For information on the 2022 honorees, please see the March 10, 2022 press release.

Nominations for 2023

Nominations for Living Treasures of Hawaii recognition in 2023 are now open. An organization or person may nominate a candidate by submitting a nomination form with information on the nominee.

We invite you to nominate those in your community who have made an impact on those around them and continue share their knowledge and expertise with others. Candidates are selected based on their demonstration of continuous growth and learning their knowledge and understanding of their particular field, and their steady and significant contributions towards enriching our society.

The deadline for the Living Treasures Committee to receive completed nominations is September 1, 2022. Presentation is traditionally made in February of the following year. For additional information, please call our office at (808) 522-9200.

You may view a complete list of honorees since Living Treasures was established in 1976.

Living Treasures Fund

A special fund supports the Living Treasures of Hawai’i™ program. You can easily make a donation online.

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