Price Title
$9.00 Ajatasatru: The Story of Who We Are
$30.00 American Sutra: A Story of Faith and Freedom in the Second World War
$7.00 Anjin: Zuiken’s Sayings
$30.00 Approaching The Land of Bliss: Religious Praxis in the Cult of Amitabha
$8.00 The Awareness of Self
$10.00 Awaken to Your True Self ~The Shin Buddhism Way of Life~
$12.00 Basic Teaching of The Buddha
$10.00 Bearer of the Light
$15.00 BE THE REFUGE ~Raising the Voices of Asian American Buddhists~
$9.00 Bodhisattvas Everywhere
$12.00 Bright Dawn
$12.00 BUDDHA (Manga) Vol.1-8 (price is per volume)
$25.00 Buddha Dharma: The Way to Enlightenment (S/C)
$9.00 Buddha and Man
$16.00 The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path
$1.00 Buddhism for Youth: Part Two: The Teaching of the Buddha
$15.00 The Buddha’s Call to Awaken
$10.00 The Buddha’s Gift to the World
$15.00 The Buddha’s Wish for the World
$13.00 Buddhism of the Heart
$10.00 Buddhism on Air
$20.00 A Buddhist Minister’s Ethics and Philosophies
$10.00 Buddhist Voices from Metta
$12.00 The Center Within
$14.00 Call of the Infinite
$15.00 Cocktails
$12.00 Coffin Man
$15.00 Conflict, Culture, Change
$10.00 Currents of Change ~American Buddhist Women SpeaK Out on Jodo Shinshu~
$14.00 Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism
$7.00 Dewdrops of Dharma
$14.00 Dharma Breeze
$20.00 Dharma Is Everywhere
$8.00 The Dhammapada
$8.00 Dharma Treasures: Spiritual Insights from Hawaii’s Shin Buddhist Pioneers
$13.00 Domestic Violence
Price Title
$2.50 Embraced by the Buddha
$8.00 Encounter ~Memoir of Orai Sensei as a Buddhist Minister in Canada~
$12.00 Engaged Pure Land Buddhism
$20.00 The Essential Shinran
$2.00 The Essentials of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism
$12.00 Everyday Suchness
$8.00 The Evil Person
$8.00 The Golden Chain of Love (Picture Book)
$16.00 Gleanings in Buddha-Fields
$17.00 Grasped by The Buddha’s Vow
$10.00 The Great Sound of Enlightenment
$16.00 A Guide to the Buddha
$10.00 The Hands and Feet of the Heart
$5.00 Hearing the Dharma
$15.00 Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path: A Life of Awakening
$15.00 Hearing the Buddha’s Call
$4.00 Hilo Hongwanji: Recalling Our Past
$31.00 History of Japanese Buddhism
$18.00 Honen the Buddhist Saint
$10.00 Hongwanji English Pictorial
$14.00 Honor Thy Children
$10.00 Hymns of the Pure Land (Jodo Wasan)
$10.00 Hymns of the Dharma-Ages (Shozomatsu Wasan)
$10.00 Hymns of the Pure Land Master (Koso Wasan)
Price Title
$1.00 Illustrated Life Shinran Shonin – Founder of Shin Buddhism
$1.00 “I Must Keep My Link Bright and Strong” – BCA Course Outline for Grade Three
$35.00 Immigrants to the Pure land
$14.00 Issei
$22.00 Japanese Buddhist Temples in Hawaii: An Illustrated Guide
$17.00 Jodo Mandala
$8.00 Jodo Shinshu: A Guide
$1.00 Jodo Shinshu: A Guide (Concise, abridged edition)
$20.00 Jodo Shinshu: Shin Buddhism in Medieval Japan
$4.00 A Journey into Other Power
$3.00 Joyful Thoughts
$15.00 Kaikyo: Opening the Dharma
$12.00 Learning True Love
$30.00 Kyo Gyo Shin Sho (BDK)
$23.00 Leaves of the Heaven Tree
$13.00 Let This Be Known ~Finding the Shin Buddhist Path~
$25.00 Letters of the Nun Eshinni
$10.00 Letters of Shinran (Mattosho)
$12.00 Letters of Rennyo (Gobunsho)
$25.00 A Life of Awakening
$15.00 A Life of Serendipity
$12.00 A Life Resurrected
$18.00 Living in Amida’s Universal Vow
$25.00 Living Nembutsu
$3.00 Living Shin Buddhism
Price Title
$9.00 Memoirs of a Buddhist Woman Missionary in Hawaii
$25.00 Mindful America
$100.00 Modern Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
$15.00 The Monk’s Wife
$5.00 Monshin: Hearing/Faith
$10.00 Moving Forward Just As You Are
$10.00 The Natural Way of Shin Buddhism
$12.00 Naturalness
$8.00 Notes on Essentials of Faith Alone (Yuishinsho Monni)
$8.00 Notes on the Inscriptions of Sacred Scrolls (Songo Shinzo Monni)
$8.00 Notes on Once-Calling & Many-Calling (Ichinen-tanen-monni)
$15.00 Ocean
$10.00 On The Air
$9.00 One Man’s Journey
$17.00 The Other Buddhism: Amida Comes West
$4.00 Oyagokoro Kogokoro (Jpn/Eng)
$8.00 Passages on the Pure Land Way
$9.00 The Path of Awakening
$14.00 The Path of Compassion
$40.00 Path of No Path
$5.00 Pilgrimage
$10.00 Popular Buddhism in Japan: Shin Buddhist Religion & Culture
$15.00 Praising Amida’s Virtues – Jodo Shinshu Service Book (Shinran 750th & HHMH 120th)
$20.00 The Prince and the Monk
$25.00 The Promise of Boundless Compassion
Price Title
$15.00 Rebel Buddha
$7.00 A Record in Lament of Divergencies (Trnsl. of Tannisho) 1995
$35.00 Renegade Monk
$15.00 River of Fire River of Water
$14.00 Sacred Sanskrit Words for Yoga
$15.00 Searching for Mary Foster
$10.00 Seeds of Peace
$20.00 Senchaku Hongan Nembutsu Shu
$15.00 Shin Buddhism Bits of Rubble Turn into Gold
$9.00 Shin Buddhism: Monograph Series
$40.00 Shin Buddhism: Historical, Textual, and Interpretive Studies
$20.00 Shin Buddhism 24/7
$22.00 The Shin Buddhist Classical Tradition Volume 1
$20.00 The Shin Buddhist Classical Tradition Volume 2
$8.00 Shin Buddhism’s Essence: The Tannisho
$2.00 Shin Buddhist Handbooks
$6.00 Shin Sutras to Live By
$20.00 Shinran: An Introduction to His Thought
$18.00 Shinran His Life and Thought
$12.00 Shinran’s Gospel of Pure Grace
$9.00 Shoshinge: The Heart of Shin Buddhism (Dr. Alfred Bloom)
$10.00 Sing Namo Amida Butsu Gatha Book (by Seattle Buddhist Church)
$20.00 Sing Namo Amida Butsu Piano Book (by Seattle Buddhist Church)
$10.00 A Spark of Dharma: The Life of Reverend Hozen Seki
$20.00 Tannisho: Passages Deplorong Deviations of Faith
$11.00 The Tannisho (Ryukoku Trnsl. Series II – 1962 – H/C)
$9.00 Tannisho: A Resource for Modern Living (Dr. Alfred Bloom)
$13.00 Tannisho: A Shin Buddhist Classic (Dr. Taitetsu Unno – Revised)
$10.00 Teriyaki Priest
$10.00 The Three Pure Land Sutras Vol. 1
$15.00 The Three Pure Land Sutras Vol. 2
$20.00 The Three Pure Land Sutras (BDK)
$15.00 The True Teaching, Practice & Realization of the Pureland Way (Vol. 4)
$7.00 Thundering Silence
$7.00 Thus I Hear
$25.00 Thus I Have Heard from Rennyo Shonin
$15.00 The Tibetan Book of the Dead
$24.00 Tommy’s Wars
$20.00 Transmission of Shin Buddhism: Jodo Shinshu An Introduction
$7.00 True Pure Land Buddhism JodoShinshu An Introduction
Price Title
$45.00 Understanding Shinran
$10.00 Universal Mediatation
$3.00 Vikings of the Far East
$10.00 Violence in Families
$7.00 World (Reflection Book)
$12.00 Yemyo Imamura: Pioneer American Buddhist
$10.00 You Are Not Alone
$7.00 Young People’s Introduction to Buddhism
$15.00 Zen Shin Talks
Price Title
$40.00 Collected Works of Shinran (by Jodoshinshu Hongwanji-ha)
$30.00 Kakocho (Family Record by Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii)
$0.20 Kakocho Inserts
$10.00 Rennyo CD (Furusato no Hito)
$10.00 Pictorial Hongwanji ~Eglish~(by Hongwanji Kyoto)
$20.00 Living Treasures of Hawaii (25th Anniversary of the Selections of Outstanding Persons as Honored by the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii)
$20.00 Hosha (A Pictorial History of Jodo Shinshu Women in Hawaii)
$15.00 Service Book (by Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii)
$22.00 A True Pure Land Teaching Jodo Shinshu Song of True Shinjin And Three Pure Land Poems Written by Gutoku Shinran (by Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii)
$10.00 Jodo Shinshu Service Book (by Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha)
$20.00 Hawaii Buddhist Council Cookbook Vol. 2
Price Title
$14.00 Becoming Buddha
$8.00 Jataka Tales (25 books; price is per book)
$8.00 The Golden Chain of Love (picture book)
$14.00 Gesar!
$4.00 Whoever You Are
$15.00 When the Blue Bird Sings
$4.00 Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks
$10.00 Stories for Wisdom by Shoji Honda, BDK
$18.00 Prince Siddhartha ~The Story of Buddha~
$5.00 Prince Siddhartha Coloring Book
$24.00 The Buddha (PBS DVD)
$15.00 Just Me and My Mind
$13.00 Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda
$4.00 Ji Shin Kyo Nin Shin (BCA Teaching Guide)
$3.00 Ji Shin Kyo Nin Shin (BCA Teaching Workbook)

In this Section:

Price Dharmachakra Items
Market Price Pendant S (14K Gold)
Market Price Pendant M (14K Gold)
Market Price Pendant L (14K Gold)
$2.50 Kerchief Holder (Silver)
$5.00 Zippo Lighter (Brush Finish or High Polish)

Price Wisteria Items
Market Price Pendant S (14K Gold)
Market Price Pendant M (14K Gold)
Market Price Pendant L (14K Gold)
$25.00 Shikisho (Dark Green, Dark Red)
$45.00 Shikisho (The 850th Anniversary of the Birth of Shinran Shonin and the 800th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Jodo Shinshu Teaching commemoration)
$50.00 Shikisho (Plumeria, Hawaiian design)
$15.00 Children Shikisho (Purple, Red)
$8.00 Tie Pin – Changing Color
$7.00 Pin
$5.00 Zippo Lighter (Brush Finish or High Polish)
$10.00 Kogo (Incense Powder Case)
$3.00 Stapleless Stapler
$3.00 HHMH Grocery Tote
$8.00 HHMH Insulated Tote

Price Other Items
$300.00 Mini Butsudan Black
$400.00 Mini Butsudan with Amida Image from Honzan (HQ, Kyoto)
$22.00 Candle Holder
$33.00 Flower Vases
$45.00 Bell Set
$0.75 Amida Image S (2 1/8″ x 3 3/4″)
$27.00 Amida Scroll M (3″ X 7 1/2″ )
$22.00 Amida Scroll L (3 1/2″ X 8 1/2″)
$175.00 Amida Scroll, Fuji from Honzan (HQ, Kyoto)
$275.00 Amida Scroll, Kiri from Honzan (HQ, Kyoto)
$10.00 Trifold Myogo (Clear Case)
$2.00 Envelopes – Gobutsuzen (Set of 10)
$8.00, $12.00 Nenju Case (Assorted Colors)
$28.00 Shikisho Case (Assorted Colors)
$10.00 Seiun / less smoke (Incense 300 Sticks)
$8.00 Mainichikoh (Incense 300 Sticks)
$4.00 Ka-fuh (Incense 50 Sticks / Lavender, Aqua, Daphne, Hinoki, White Plum)
$10.00 Incense Powder – Rendai-Koh 25g
$10.00 Incense Powder – Bodai-Koh 25g
$5.00 Charcoal (Tadon)
$10.00 Miyakozumi Incense Charcoal Red 48 pcs
$10.00 Miyakozumi Incense Charcoal Green 24 pcs
$9.00 Charcoal Soap (Teidanseki)
$2.00 Net for Charcoal Soap
$2.50 Myogo (Namu Amida Butsu) – (2 3/4″ x 5″)
$5.00 Ash
$15.00 Amida on Stand (3 x 6 1/2)
$12.00 Mainichi Candle 50go 2pcs

Price Nenju – Men’s
$13.00 Black (Small)
$13.00 Amber Color (Small)
$20.00 Black (Ebony, Medium)
$20.00 Brown (Rosewood, Medium)
$22.00 Black (Ebony, X-Large)
$22.00 Brown (Rosewood, X- Large)
$20.00 Moss Green (with Amida Lens)
$20.00 Yellow (with Amida Lens )
$26.00 Ichii (Yew Tree)
$32.00 Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)

Price Nenju – Women’s
$14.00 White Coral (Purple Tassel)
$17.00 Pink Coral (Pink Tassel)
$16.00 Clear Kiriko (Purple Tassel, Pink Tassel, Pink Gray Tassel)
$18.00 Clear Kiriko with Amida Lens (Purple Tassel, White Tassel)
$25.00 Hari, Purple (Purple Tassel)
$25.00 Hari, Lavender (Lavender Tassel)
$25.00 Hari, Pink (Pink Tassel)
$25.00 Hari, Aqua Marine (Purple Tassel)

Price Nenju – Children’s
$5.00 Orange, White

Price Nenju – Wedding
$22.00 Red Coral with WhiteTassel (Women) & Clear White (Men) [Set Only]

Price Nenju – Wrist (elastic)
$5.00 Purple, Aqua, Moss Green, Light Blue, Blue, Orange, Black, Amber, Clear Pink
$10.00 Glass (Color: Yellow)
$10.00 Glow in the Dark (Color: White, Purple, Light Blue, Orange)
$15.00 Rosewood with Engraved Omyogo (Natural)
$15.00 Ebony with Gold Engraved Omyogo (Black Wood Laquer)
$15.00 Ebony with Amida Lens
$10.00 Bodhi Tree, 6mm
$12.00 Bodhi Tree with Jade, Agata or Tiger Eye, 7mm

Price Nenju Wrist (w/ Wisteria/Hibiscus )
$10.00 Yellow
$10.00 Pink
$10.00 Light Blue
$10.00 Lapis
$10.00 Marine