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September 2018 HQ Update newsletter thumbnail imageSeptember 2018

In this issue:

  • Hongwanji Joint Conference
  • Obituary: Reverend Kenjyo Ohara
  • HHMH Minister’s Lay Assistant Retreat: October 12-14 at BSC
  • Anniversary Celebrations for Kailua, Wahiawa, and Jikoen temples
  • Ryukoku University Graduate School Hawaii Seminar
  • 6-week RSG Educational Program at PBA with 18 Japanese Students
  • New Book: The Golden Chain Of Love
  • HFBWA Raising Funds for Eshin-ni – Kakushin-Ni Endowed Chair at IBS
  • Committee on Social Concerns Update: Western Japan flood relief, annual fund drives, donation from Jr. YBA

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August 2018 HQ Update newsletter p. 1 thumbnailAugust 2018

In this issue:

  • Jinji – Ministerial Assignments (Rev. Bruce nakamura)
  • Urasenke Gannennmono Kenchashiki (Tea Ceremony Performed at Hawaii Betsuin)
  • BWA Exchange Students from Japan
  • Honouliuli Bon Service
  • 2018 Peace Day Interfaith Celebration Friday, September 21, 2018, 6:30 p.m. at Hawaii Betsuin
  • Ryukoku University Graduate School Students in Hawaii for Seminar Aug. 28 – Sept. 5
  • Emergency Disaster Related Actions (Western Japan Flood, Osaka Earthquake)
  • Hawaii Kyodan Events in September

July 2018 HQ Update thumbnail imageJuly 2018

  • Western Japan Flood Disaster Relief Fund
  • BWA exchange students from Japan in Hawaii August 9-16
  • Ryukoku Sogo Gakuen (RSG) programs:
    • 4 PBA students to participate in religious education seminar in Kyoto August 3-5
    • 18 Japanese students to attend PBA August 2 – September 15
  • The 60th Annual Hawaii Honpa Hongwanji Ministers Association Seminar

June 2018 HQ Update page one thumbnail imageJune 2018

In this issue:

  • Update from the Committee on Social Concerns
  • Statement Against the Separation of Families from the Office of the Bishop
  • What’s New in the HQ Bookstore
  • Hongwanji Joint Conference, September 1-3, 2018
  • BSC Summer Session: “Everyday Buddhism” with Dr. Kenneth Tanaka

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