Amida looking back with musical scoreMusic is an integral part of temple life and plays a unique role in nurturing our spiritual growth.

Music brings us in touch with our feelings, helps us become aware of our humanness, and connects us profoundly with each other. Through music, we are able to express what deeply resonates within us when we truly listen and reflect upon the Teachings.

Our wish is to provide information and resources to enrich the musical climate of all temples. Contact information:
Ph: (808) 522-9202

Musical Notes Newsletter

Current Issue

January 2020 Musical Notes newsletter cover thumbnail imageJanuary 2020

In this issue:

  • The Fruits of Interdependence
  • Music Editorial: Music’s Mature "Why"
  • Around the Big Island Temple News
  • Wailuku Hongwanji Buddhist Temple News
  • Makawao Hongwanji Buddhist Temple
  • Choralfest 2020: September 26-27
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Featured Music

Here are two selections from Choralfest 2014, where Hongwanji choirs from around the islands came together at the Hawaii Betsuin temple on September 28 to sing and perform together.

See also: Choralfest 2014 Videos | Choralfest 2012 Videos

New Gatha Scores

Consolation gatha score thumbnail imageThe Mission’s gatha book, Praises of the Buddha, was last published in 1990. Since then, a number of new songs in English have been composed for the Mission. In addition, the Music Committee has continued to craft English translations of beautiful Japanese gathas.

As a service to our temples and the Jodo Shinshu community worldwide, we have made a number of gatha scores available to download and use for noncommercial purposes. Partial list:

Amida’s Guide to Life Amida’s Our Horizon Bodhisattva’s Vows (Chikai no Uta) Consolation (Nadame) Four Noble Truths Hands Together In Gassho
Just Say the Nembutsu Let’s Weave Dharma in Our Lives Listen to Amida with Your Heart Live Amida’s Love Shinshu Pledge Together as One

We would love to know which temples and groups are interested in using these gathas in singing for occasions. Please contact us and let us know your interest. If appropriate, we will send you a password to access the downloads page.

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