2020 New Year’s messages from the Gomonshu, Bishop, and President posted

Happy new year! The January 2020 HQ Update, newsletter of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, includes New Year’s greetings and messages from His Eminenence Gomonshu Kojun Ohtani, Bishop Eric Matsumoto, and President Pieper Toyama.

Each message is posted individually on this website in the Messages section. Here are direct links:

2020 New Year’s Greetings from His Eminence Gomonshu Kojun Ohtani

2020 New Year’s Message from Bishop Eric Matsumoto

2020 New Year’s Message from President Pieper Toyama

New 5-Year theme and 2020 slogan:
Building Healthy Sanghas: Embracing Generosity and Openness

Photo: Bishop Matsumoto delivers a new year’s message at Hawaii Betsuin on January 1, 2020.