Hongwanji to present Online Bon Dance Experience on Saturday, August 15

Have you attended a virtual Bon Dance event yet? Several Hongwanji temples in Hawaii have found ways to provide the flavor of the season despite not being able to gather in person. Now, guided and inspired by Bishop Eric Matsumoto, the statewide Hongwanji organization through the efforts of multiple committees, volunteers, and content contributors is finalizing “Online Bon Dance Experience 2020.” A premiere on the statewide Hongwanji YouTube channel is set for Saturday, August 15 at 7 p.m.

Online Bon Dance Experience 2020 will feature a diversity of visual, audio, and participatory elements as our emcees guide us through an unprecedented statewide Bon event. Please join us for taiko, multiple dances, messages on the meaning of Obon, and a sampling of Bon Dance sights and sounds from around the islands. The event is intended bring us together in gratitude and remembrance of our ancestors, appreciation for being connected to a remarkable and extended Hongwanji sangha, and – of course! – to have fun.

Watching at the appointed time of the YouTube video premiere provides a sense of togetherness, as the chat features allows some live interaction and commenting with what is happening on screen. Online Bon Dance Experience 2020 will also be available for at least some period of time after the premiere to watch on demand.

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YouTube — Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii channel

Get Ready to Dance!

We hope you will (safely of course!) join in the dancing from home during the Bon dances of the Online Bon Dance Experience. They are: Tanko Bushi, Joy and Peace, Bambutsu no Tsunagari, Shiawase Samba, and Genki Ondo (a new dance). Here are the instructional videos:

Play the instructional videos here or go to the Bon Dance Instructional Videos 2020 playlist on YouTube.

Social media challenges with prizes!

Challenge #1: Make a public post on Facebook and/or Instagram of a picture from a past Bon dance.
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