CANCELED: World Jodo Shinshu Coordinating Council Meeting (Hawaii)

Event details

  • Wednesday | May 27, 2020 to Thursday | May 28, 2020
  • All Day

Note: This event was canceled due to the pandemic.

The purpose of the World Jodo Shinshu Coordinating Council is to meet annually to communicate and exchange information, ideas, and programs among Honzan (Jodo Shinhu world headquarters in Japan) and the four overseas districts (U.S. mainland, Hawaii, Canada, and South America). The gathering helps coordinate activities and mutual assistance in the spreading of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist teachings throughout the world.

Here is a photo from the 2017 Coordinating Council meeting at the Hongwanji in Kyoto, Japan.
Honpa Hongwanji bishops, presidents, and other representatives in robes outside Honzan in Kyoto at the 35th World Jodo Shinshu Coordinating Council meeting
Left to right: Mr. Ken Tanimoto, President, Buddhist Churches of America (BCA); Rev. Jerry Hirano, Chairman, BCA Ministers Association; Bishop Tatsuya Aoki, Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada (JSBTC); Bishop Eric Matsumoto, Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii (HHMH); Bishop Tetsuei Somayama, Federacao Budista Sul-Americana Jodo Shinshu Honpa Hongwanji; Bishop and Mrs. Kodo Umezu (BCA), Mr. Pieper Toyama, President, (HHMH); Rev. Kiyonobu Kuwahara, BCA Center for Buddhist Education/Hongwanji Office; and Rev. Toshiyuki Umitani, Executive Assistant to Bishop (HHMH).

Photo is used with permission and comes from the July 2017 Wheel of Dharma, a publication of Buddhist Churches of America.