March 2024 edition of Ka Leo Kāhea newsletter now available online

March 2024 edition of the Ka Leo Kāhea newsletter thumbnail image

Content in the March 2024 edition of Ka Leo Kāhea (1.4 MB) includes:

Triple Celebration

  • Early Registration Closes March 31
  • Dr. Takashi Miyaji on ‘Why Life Is Great’
  • Choosing the Right Workshops for You
  • Triple Celebration Online Buddhist Education Series Continues

Lahaina Hongwanji

  • Out of Ashes Sprout Green Leaves and Hope for Recovery
  • Recalling a Night of Flames, Smoke, Loss and Bravery
  • ‘We Bow in Gratitude’ — a Message from the Lahaina Hongwanji Sangha


  • Bishop’s Corner: Amida Buddha, the Ultimate Shelter
  • Minister’s Message: Amida’s Vow and My Wish for 2024
  • President’s Message: Cherishing the Third Treasure, Our Sangha


  • Jikoen Celebrates 85 Years with Music, Dance
  • BSC to Reopen with a Spring Festival on April 6
  • On a March for Peace Through Waikiki
  • PBA’s 18th Annual Taiko Festival, ‘Go for It,’ Set for March 17
  • Hundreds Gather to Celebrate the Life of Queen Lili’uokalani
  • Honoring a 19th Century Activist and Philanthropist
  • Pride Day Parade


  • Nembutsu and Daily Living
  • My Tokudo Experience from Dharma School to Kyoto
  • BWA Hawaii Federation Installs New Slate of Officers
  • Project Dana Mourns a Kind, Caring Friend in Roslynn Carter
  • Book Review: Discovering My ‘Jewels’ as a PBA Student
  • ‘Jewels’ 24 Years Later: Still an Insightful, Humorous Resource
  • Sharing Nembutsu Moments
  • News from the Sanghas