First edition of Ka Leo Kāhea, the new statewide newsletter, is now available online

Ka Leo Kāhea (The Calling Voice), statewide newsletter, November 2021 - thumbnail image
A PDF file of the November 2021 edition of Ka Leo Kāhea (1.9 MB) is available.

The inaugural edition of the new statewide newsletter, Ka Leo Kāhea (The Calling Voice), is now available online as a PDF file (1.9 MB).

The name of the newsletter is a reference to our Shin Buddhist teaching that reminds us of “Namo Amida Butsu” — the voice/sound of Amida calling to us and our voice calling to Amida in response. The use of the Hawaiian term is intentional. It recognizes our connection to our Hawaiian host culture while providing a thoughtful reminder of our connection with the Buddha.

Ka Leo Kāhea will inform us and connect us with every member of our statewide Sangha. Through this connection, temples and districts will learn from and help each other, thus strengthening our organization. Portions of the newsletter will contain content that becomes a “calling voice” that connects readers to the Buddha’s “Calling Voice.”

Content in the November 2021 edition ranges from a tribute to Rev. Yoshiaki Fujitani, to youth programs like YESS Camp, to Bon Dance food preparations, Peace Day, and more. Full-color photos are provided throughout.

Bishop Eric Matsumoto, President Warren Tamamoto and the newsletter team invite submissions to the Ka Leo Kāhea. Our “readership” will be our Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii Sangha (approximately 4,200 members). Articles should be 500-1000 words in length. A photo or photos to accompany the article will enhance the presentation. Articles should be submitted via email to

If you have any questions, please send an email to

(Text in this news item is based on an article in the August 2021 HQ Update.)