Status Report of Lahaina Hongwanji Mission

September 28, 2023

The Maui Wildfire engulfed the Lahaina Hongwanji Mission on August 8, 2023. As of today, the Resident Minister, Reverend Ai Hironaka, President Aileen Cockett, and the temple members were not permitted to enter the temple property. Therefore, the Office of the Bishop is unable to provide you with any official assessment of the property at this time.

According to the pictures and videos available through the media, though, it seems that the temple Hondo, the Minister’s Residence, the Temple Office, the Social Hall, and the old Japanese School Building were all burnt. It seems that the Nokotsudo (Columbarium) might be intact, but again, we need to assess the property to make an official report. If you have family members in the Nokotsudo, please contact the HQ Office at and include your contact information (name & phone number) and the names of your family members in the Nokotsudo.

One of the temple members who was on the unaccounted-for list was recently confirmed to have passed away.

About half of the Lahaina Hongwanji members, including Rev. Hironaka and his family, were displaced after the fire.