Status Report of Lahaina Hongwanji Mission

September 28, 2023 The Maui Wildfire engulfed the Lahaina Hongwanji Mission on August 8, 2023. As of today, the Resident Minister, Reverend Ai Hironaka, President Aileen Cockett, and the temple members were not permitted to enter the temple property. Therefore, the Office of the Bishop is unable to provide you...

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Maui Wilfire Status Report 9/7/23 thumbnail image

HHMH Maui Wildfire Emergency Response Ad Hoc Committee issues status report

STATUS REPORT OF THE HONPA HONGWANJI MISSION OF HAWAII’S  MAUI WILDFIRE EMERGENCY RESPONSE AD HOC COMMITTEE September 7, 2023 The Maui wildfires have resulted in significant loss of life and property with far-reaching and unimaginable impacts. The overwhelming response of individuals and organizations (such as FEMA and Hawaii Community Foundation)...

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Lahaina Hongwanji members informed of services and activities on Maui

The Bishop’s Office is reaching out to Lahaina Hongwanji members to share that Kahului Hongwanji, Makawao Hongwanji, and Wailuku Hongwanji are providing the following services and activities. We are sharing the information here too. Kahului Hongwanji Kahului Hongwanji Tuesday Gathering Every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Kahului Hongwanji...

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